El Salvador 2015-First work day

Monday was our first day working with the people here to help build homes. Our group of 24 from Sheridan was split into four groups. Two groups were working on homes. One group was digging holes for wastewater and one group moved about 600 bricks. The group that moved the bricks...
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Weekend Volunteers Numbers

It Takes a Village You have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Did you know it also takes a small village to make worship services at Sheridan Lutheran Church happen every week? As a matter of fact, it takes the population of Exeter, Nebraska to have worship...
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Day 2 El Salvador 2015

Sunday was the first full day in El Salvador for our team of 24 people. We are also teamed up with another Thrivent team with 19 members, which includes team members from Minnesota, Iowa, Blair, Wahoo and elsewhere.We left our hotel in San Salvador and made the one hour drive to...
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