WORSHIP SCHEDULE: SATURDAY @ 5:30pm SUNDAY @ 8:30, 9:45, 11:00am

Join us for worship.

Saturday at 5:30pm

Take some time to center on God’s promises after your day of Saturday activities at this contemporary style worship service. Worshipers are led by piano and song leaders using a contemporary music style. This relaxed and intimate setting of worship offers relevant preaching that addresses the question of what it means to live a life as a Christian today. Each week, this service offers the Lord’s Supper, time for quiet prayer and the opportunity to be the community of God’s people. This service is a great alternative to Sunday morning worship. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Sunday at 8:30, 9:45 and 11am

The pinnacle of Sheridan’s ministry is worshiping our loving God on Sunday morning. We invite you to join in and experience the love of Jesus in a very real and authentic way at Sheridan. People often comment on Sheridan’s warm and inviting atmosphere, beautiful music, meaningful dramas and sermons that connect with everyday lives. These worship services are contemporary in music style and are led by excellent singers, piano, guitar players and drums. The Lord’s Supper is served twice a month. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Want to join us online instead? Join us for worship online live: Sundays at 9:45am.

Worship at Sheridan Lutheran Church

Spring Worship Series: Keeping It Real

When Jesus returned after his resurrection he made a concerted effort to show his followers that he was “real.” One’s eyes can deceive and the Risen Christ wanted to leave no doubt. To use today’s slang, Christ was “keeping it real.”

Being real is essential if we are to live a fulfilled life. We all have times and situations in which we put on a false self. We do this to somehow feel better about ourselves, but it usually doesn’t turn out that way. We tend to feel worse when we are not authentic. Authenticity leads to peace.

The coming months are full of so many events, graduations, weddings, vacations and family gatherings. We know we will be happier if we can just be ourselves, but can we commit ourselves to “keeping it real?”

Jesus kept it real in his life. He was incarnate, God’s real and true presence made flesh. He was truly human, while also being truly God. And he calls us to be ourselves, not pretending to be who we think we ought to be. Jesus calls us to be ourselves. To do so trusts in the power of love.

In this series, we will feature some of the music of Allie Metcalf Crummy. Allie was raised at Sheridan and has gone on to be a church worship leader and prolific songwriter and performer. Her latest album, Honesty, explores the themes of authenticity and incarnation – the real presence of Christ in our lives.

Come and worship our God in Christ Jesus who was very much “real” in this world and who calls us to keep it real and find joy in being authentically the person we are meant to be.

April 24/25: Thomas – John 20:24-29

Thomas has his doubts and Christ does not criticize him for his questions, but rather Christ returns again to build his faith. Being authentic means trusting that it is okay to question.

April 30/May 1: Breakfast – John 21:1-14

Christ repeats the miraculous catch of fish and shares breakfast with his disciples. He meets them in their daily tasks, asking nothing more than to know his presence in their lives as fishermen. Do you trust that Christ comes to you in your daily activities? Do you welcome him in?

May 7/8:  Mother’s Day – Selections from Psalm 31

Mothers have a way of loving us no matter what and their unconditional love mirrors the love of God. Unconditional love breeds authenticity. As we celebrate mothers, we celebrate the gift of authentic love.

May 14/15:  Humility – Philippians 2:5-11

Paul writes of Jesus’ willingness to set aside his divinity and become fully human.  In essence, he became real for our sake and for the sake of the world.  This took humility on God’s part, but few things are more “real” than allowing one’s self to be lowly.  How comfortable are you with humility?

May 21/22  Martha – Luke 10:38-42

In the beloved story of Martha and Mary, Jesus shows that Martha’s desire to impress is noble but unnecessary. Jesus would rather her be present than worry about the presentation. How often do you put on your “Sunday best” regarding your faith and fail to let Jesus see the “real you?’

May 28/29  Memorial Day – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

On this Memorial Day, we remember those who have died and we trust that it is by faith, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, that those we honor have received the gift of eternal life.  Can you take this weekend of celebration and add to it a way to honor and thank a veteran?