At the recommendation of our elected Council leaders, Sheridan will be moving to exclusively online expression of our ministries. All in-person worship has been suspended until further notice.

Join us for worship online live: Sundays at 9:45am.

Saturday at 5:30pm-currently suspended

Take some time to center on God’s promises after your day of Saturday activities at this contemporary style worship service. Worshipers are led by piano and song leaders using a contemporary music style. This relaxed and intimate setting of worship offers relevant preaching that addresses the question of what it means to live a life as a Christian today. Each week, this service offers the Lord’s Supper, time for quiet prayer and the opportunity to be the community of God’s people. This service is a great alternative to Sunday morning worship. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Sunday at 8:30, 9:45 and 11am-currently suspended

The pinnacle of Sheridan’s ministry is worshiping our loving God on Sunday morning. We invite you to join in and experience the love of Jesus in a very real and authentic way at Sheridan. People often comment on Sheridan’s warm and inviting atmosphere, beautiful music, meaningful dramas and sermons that connect with everyday lives. These worship services are contemporary in music style and are led by excellent singers, piano, guitar players and drums. The Lord’s Supper is served each week at the 8:30am worship and twice a month at the 9:45 & 11am worship. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Advent Worship Series:
What Lies Beneath

Every Christmas morning the central focus is what is underneath the tree. Within each of us remains the heart of a young child who cannot wait to see what gifts are there for us. This experience is one of the few moments of unbridled joy we have in life.

Christmas 2020 will likely be different than any other in recent memory. Social distancing, restricted travel, financial woes all combine to make us pause and reflect. Christmas will be different, as will our preparations, but can we transition to a Christmas with greater meaning?

Through age and experience we realize that the best gifts are usually not the most expensive ones. Even more, the number doesn’t usually translate to the satisfaction of gifts given and received. Generally, it is the meaning that lies beneath the gift that makes is special. Think for just a moment, haven’t the best gifts been those tied to the deepest heart-felt meaning.

Advent is the season of preparation and the themes provide for us a guide for finding meaning in our gift-giving. Hope, peace, love and joy – can we construct our giving around these things?

As we worship during Advent, we will reflect on what it means to share hope, peace, love and joy in our world and each will be challenged to try to give one gift which is grounded in these principles. The prophet Isaiah will be our guide, as his predictions of the Messiah are some of the most familiar during this season.

It is what lies beneath our gifts – the sentiments and meaning – that makes them special. We seek to make this Advent Season and Christmas Day a powerful experience for all.

Series Scripture Readings for Weekly Worship & Sermon Topics

November 29: Hope – Isaiah 40:1-10

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we begin our preparations for Christmas! We hear of the prediction of the one coming and that the things of this world will fade. How can we prepare to share that which will last?

December 6: Peace – Isaiah 11:1-10

Peace can be elusive, especially in the busyness of this season. Is peace a gift that can be given? If so, how can we give this most important gift to the soul?

December 13: Love – Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

Our God is about love and birthing Jesus into the world is the ultimate expression of love. Isaiah sings of that love in a way that simply overflows. Does your expression of gift-giving at Christmas reflect the love within your heart? How can you make your love more evident through what you give?

December 20: Joy – Isaiah 55:6-13

When we seek to follow what God has in store for our gift-giving, the result is a joy that cannot be contained. Isaiah found great joy in the most difficult of times and situations. So, too, can we in these days of preparation.