Join us for worship…

Saturday 5:30pm

Take some time to center in God’s promises after your day of Saturday activities at this contemporary style worship service. Worshipers are led by piano and song leaders using a contemporary music style. This relaxed and intimate setting of worship offers relevant preaching that addresses the question of what it means to live a life as a Christian today. Each week, this service offers the Lord’s Supper, time for quiet prayer and the opportunity to be the community of God’s people. This service is a great alternative to Sunday morning worship. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Sunday 8:30, 9:45 and 11am

The pinnacle of Sheridan’s ministry is worshiping our loving God! More than 900 people will come through Sheridan’s doors on Sunday morning to hear yet again of Jesus’ love in their lives. We invite you to join in and experience this love of Jesus in a very real and authentic way at Sheridan. People often comment on Sheridan’s warm and inviting atmosphere, beautiful music, meaningful dramas and sermons that connect with everyday lives. These worship services are contemporary in music style and are led by excellent singers, piano, guitar players and drums. The Lord’s Supper is served each week at the 8:30am worship and twice a month at the 9:45 & 11am worship. All people of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome!

Wednesday 6pm

During the school year, September through April, a highlight of the week is to join in worship on Wednesday evenings as a part of Wednesdays @ the Well. This multi-sensory worship for all ages incorporates a casual environment great for the middle of the week recharge. People of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome to this midweek ministry that is a part of Sheridan’s Wednesdays @ the Well. This service is a great complement or alternative to weekend worship and The Lord’s Supper is served once a month.

Current Worship Series: Ancient-Future Leadership

Leadership. It is changing. The very way that leadership is being measured is different now than it was just a year ago. Perhaps this is a good thing? Perhaps this is a biblical thing?

Few topics have been written about as much as leadership. Some things have been written that are timely. Other things have been written that are timeless. When Paul was writing to the church in Rome, he wrote a summary of the Christian faith for new believers he had never met. These new believers were leaders of sorts – trailblazers of a new faith in a hostile community. Paul wrote to them, not just to give them information, but also to give them inspiration in their leadership. Looking at Paul’s letter to the Romans we see some timeless leadership principles. As we read Romans together, we will reflect on what true leadership is about.

What is interesting is that today’s movement toward a more biblically oriented view of leadership is actually a result of our modern ways. How odd that the old has become new out of necessity.

Each year Fortune Magazine ranks the 50 Top Leaders. These are their identified characteristics of leaders. A true leader acknowledges reality and offers hope, brings followers together and builds bridges. How do you define leadership? What do you believe makes a leader great? Do you share in these characteristics? The Apostle Paul does. We will learn how he embodies the most contemporary definition of leadership.

In Romans, Paul makes it clear that we are loved by God and made right by God’s grace. He also teaches that we are to grow in faith, for only then is God’s grace made real for us. As we explore leadership this fall, our goal is to grow in faith and knowledge of God’s amazing grace. Lead on, O King Eternal.

  • Aug. 19 & 20: Hope-filled

    Romans 8:18-27
    Without fail, leaders understand that they are called. While few use this language, most feel a sense of greater responsibility. True leaders are like Paul, bold in their belief that the best of them comes from their times of pain. Even more, true leaders bear hope to others.
  • Aug. 26 & 27: Boldly Flawed

    Romans 7:14-25
    Today’s leaders are different in that they understand the radical transparency in our culture and own their shortcomings, rather than trying to hide them.  Humility is “in” and for that we are grateful.
  • Sept. 2 & 3: Apart From Works

    Romans 3:21-31
    On this Labor Day Weekend we reflect on what our work cannot do for us. God’s love is grace – a gift – something we cannot earn by any work. Does this mean that we need not work? Does this exempt us from leadership?

  • Sept. 9 & 10: Walk the Talk

    Romans 12:1-8
    Paul understands that his role as a leader is to unite and bring the community together. He also knows that a true community is based on each person having a role and a purpose in which each works together. Faithful are those who strive for what is best for all.

  • Sept. 16 & 17: Accountability

    Romans 13:1-3, 16:17-18
    One of the most obvious transitions of leadership is in the area of accountability. It used to be assumed that the top leader was accountable to no one. In these days, as in Paul’s, greatness is measured by holding oneself accountable and allowing others to do so, as well.

  • Sept. 23 & 24: Transformation

    Romans 12:9-21
    What is the ultimate goal of leadership?  It is not about accomplishing for oneself, but rather the transformation of others.  Paul shows the true marks of a Christian and upholds these, not for himself, but for the community he leads and serves.

Would you like to volunteer with worship?

If you want to get involved with the worship hospitality and/or the altar guild ministry of Sheridan, contact Brenda Carpenter at b.carpenter@sheridanlutheran.org
If you want to get involved with the worship arts ministry at Sheridan, contact Molly Schmit at m.schmit@sheridanlutheran.org
If you want to get involved with the Wednesdays @ the Well ministry, contact Brenda Carpenter at b.carpenter@sheridanlutheran.org

Special Services

During the year, there are special times in the church where we celebrate the awesome gifts of God. At these times, we gather for special worship opportunities. Some of these special services are Christmas EveAsh Wednesday & LentMaundy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter and Confirmation. Each of these times highlight key moments in the life of Jesus and the impact these moments have on our faith community. These historical events come alive in a contemporary way as the greatest story ever told is retold again. These services are listed in the bulletin and on our website and give specific times and dates. As with all worship at Sheridan – all are welcome!

TV Ministry

Television Production enhances our ministries for those unable to join us each weekend. Each week our 9:45 Sunday morning worship is video recorded and edited to a 30 minute broadcast on Cablevision, Spectrum channel 1302. Our Sunday worship is able to be viewed at:

  • Thursday night at 7:30
  • Friday afternoon at 12:30
  • Sunday morning at 11:30