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Ash Wednesday Worship

Ash Wednesday at Sheridan Lutheran Church

February 14, 2018

7am-9pm: Prayer Chapel available
Noon: Worship with Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion
Meal: 5-6pm
6pm & 7:15pm: Worship with Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion

Nursery Care is available during the 6pm worship. Invite friends to 6pm worship Invite friends to 7:15pm worship


Lent Calendar for Children
Lent Bible Study

Lenten Worship:

February 21 & 28, March 7, 14, 21
Meal: 5-6pm
6pm: Worship

Educational opportunities until 7:30pm

Holy Week opportunities

What is Ash Wednesday & Lent?

What is your desire for Lent this year?

Lent is often a time of greater reflection and prayer, and generally a time when we make attempts to grow closer to God through disciplines. As we walk with Jesus to the cross, we have a heightened awareness of how much he did for us. This moves our heart in many ways. Specifically, we can come to a greater spiritual depth. Our troubles are small in comparison to what Jesus suffered for us. And because we know God’s love is eternal, no struggle of ours needs to be seen as final. In essence, by God’s grace, Lent helps us to grow deeper and into better people. This is just what our world needs.
We have planned options for you to enter this Lenten season with intention and prayer. Whether you choose to participate with the prayer of a photograph on social media or you accept the invitation to learn meditative prayer, be encouraged. You are invited to journey with others in your Sheridan family in one or all of these opportunities.

Lenten Classes

Experience the Faith Stories of our Faith Community

Wed., March 8 – April 5; 6:45pm
Info: e.bostrom@sheridanlutheran.org
Everyone has a faith story and when faith stories are shared, both the speaker and the listener are blessed. In the season of Lent, individuals in our faith community to share their faith journey and how they’ve experienced God through their life. In a conversational style, Pastor Eric will interview the persons, navigating through their faith story. At the end, others will be able to ask the questions that bubble up in their hearts. The spirit of this sharing will be safe, gracious, and respectful honoring the gift that the speaker is sharing. The hope is that when we experience the God stories of others, we better recognize the God stories in our own lives.

FAITH5 for Families

FAITH5: Faith Acts in the Home
Info: www.faith5.org
We would like to encourage families to incorporate FAITH5 into their daily Lenten disciplines. FAITH5 is a simple, easy-to-implement faith practice, perfect for incorporating into your bedtime routine for five to fifteen minutes a night. When done over time, the FAITH5 carries the power to enrich communication, deepen understanding, aid sleep, and promote mental, physical and spiritual health. The five steps are:
SHARE your highs & lows
READ a Bible verse or story
TALK about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs & lows
PRAY for one another’s highs & lows
BLESS one another
You can learn more about these rituals from the website above or from the resources on the table outside the OneSent Market. Create these memories with each other and grow together as a family centered on God.