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Ash Wednesday Worship

Ash Wednesday at Sheridan Lutheran Church

February 14, 2018

7am-9pm: Prayer Chapel available
Noon: Worship with Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion
Meal: 5-6pm
6pm & 7:15pm: Worship with Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion

Nursery Care is available during the 6pm worship.
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What is Ash Wednesday & Lent?

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What is your desire for Lent this year?

Lent is often a time of greater reflection and prayer, and generally a time when we make attempts to grow closer to God through disciplines. As we walk with Jesus to the cross, we have a heightened awareness of how much he did for us. This moves our heart in many ways. Specifically, we can come to a greater spiritual depth. Our troubles are small in comparison to what Jesus suffered for us. And because we know God’s love is eternal, no struggle of ours needs to be seen as final. In essence, by God’s grace, Lent helps us to grow deeper and into better people. This is just what our world needs. We have planned options for you to enter this Lenten season with intention and prayer. Whether you choose to participate with the prayer of a photograph on social media or you accept the invitation to learn meditative prayer, be encouraged. You are invited to journey with others in your Sheridan family in one or all of these opportunities.

Midweek Worship During Lent

Suffering Servants: Midweek Lenten Worship

February 21 & 28, March 7, 14, 21
Meal: 5-6pm
Worship: 6pm

During this Lenten season we will focus on the stories of some of those, who have over the years shared their dramatic gifts with the Sheridan community, in putting forth our Holy Week Reenactment. Those who bring the “production” to life, have suffered in their own lives and sharing their gifts allows them to experience the suffering of Christ. Is Lent difficult? Yes. Is Lent productive? Very much so – for we connect with God in Christ and one another.

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Weekend Worship During Lent

A Fool for Love: Weekend Lenten Worship Series

"A Fool for Love" Worship Series
Saturdays: 5:30pm
Sundays: 8:30am, 9:45am, 11am

In 2018, Lent begins on St. Valentine’s Day and ends on April Fool’s Day. This year we have the reality of both love and foolishness. But then again, if we look closely at Jesus’ ministry and his walk to the Cross, we see that we’ve always had both foolishness and love. Each of us can shape how we will be remembered at the end of our life. Will you be remembered for never being a fool, or will you be remembered for how deeply you loved? Jesus was a fool for love. How about you?

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Grow Spiritually During Lent

Experiencing Faith Stories Class During Lent

Wednesdays, March 7-21; 6:45pm

Info: e.bostrom@sheridanlutheran.org
Everyone has a faith story. In the season of Lent, individuals in our faith community will share their faith journey and how they've experienced God through their life. The hope is when we experience the God stories of others, we better recognize the God stories in our own lives.

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