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An important part of our faith journey is helping to bridge the experience of worship and message to the weekday. Devotions are a way to help with applying the weekly message to our daily lives. We have a fabulous group of writers that work hard to help you make those connections each week.

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Devotion: Easter Joy

The Joy of Easter Morning Please take a moment to read the scripture from the weekend from John 20:1-18. I expect joy on Easter morning. That sounds odd to say out loud or type into words, but it’s true. I know of the Resurrected Christ because it has been told to me over and...
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Devotion: Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Palm Sunday and Holy Week Please review the scripture from this weekend: Matthew 21:1-11. In Hampton, Nebraska there lives an elder. She purposefully keeps a palm branch every year on Palm Sunday to remember joy, life, and hope. I’m confident that there is more we would love to...
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