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Staff Recommendations

  • Pastor Greg Bouvier


      A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren
      The Reformation of the Church by Kent Carlson and Mike Leutken
      The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges


      About Time
      Big Fish
      Cast Away
      Groundhog Day
      Ordinary People
      The Shawshank Redemption
      The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Pastor Rhonda Bostrom

    Bible Selections

    There are a variety of Bible translations that exist out there on the publishing market. I have listed a few recommendations for different reader needs.

        The HarperCollins Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version, with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books By Wayne A. Meeks, Jouette M. Bassler (ISBN 0060655267, 9780060655266)
        This Bible is great for adults who want to read the Biblical text with an excellent historical commentary. Over 60 historical Biblical scholars contributed to this work. This is a good purchase for anyone who is studying the Bible on a regular basis.
        The Renouvare Spiritual Formation Bible, Editor, Richard J. Foster (ISBN 0-06-067108-4)
        This Bible is great for young adults on up who want to read the Bible and reflect on how it impacts their daily lives. There are devotional sections that introduce the different books and stories. There is a spiritual discipline section that offers a way of living out the scripture in meaningful and life-giving ways. Excellent resource for Sojourner’s groups or personal devotion.
        Practical living Christianity: Get A Life!By Reggie McNeal (ISBN: 978-0-8054-4299-1)
        Our congregation read this book during our October 2008 worship series. It’s a practical application book to help aid the reader in finding purpose for their life, ordering their time around their passion and gifts, and making space for what really matters to them on a daily basis. Reggie writes as a person of deep Christian conviction with a loving, encouraging heart.
    • Pastor Eric Bostrom

      Richard Rohr’s daily email devotion

      I read this devotion most every morning and they give me fresh insight into myself, grace, sin, life, and God. To subscribe go to https://cac.org and click on “Email Sign Up.”
    • Pastor Michelle Oetken


        Holding Your Family Together by Dr. Rich Melheim
        Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth by Peter Connolly

      Children's Books

        Heaven is a Wonderful Place by Joanne Marxhausen - This is my favorite resource for helping young children talk about death and heaven.
        The Voice by R. W. Metlen
        To Everything There is a Season by Leo & Diane Dillon
        The Praise by Niko Chocheli


        The Mission -I have walked along the Iguazu waterfalls and the ruins of this very mission compound the story shared about in Northern Argentina.
        Singing in the Rain
        Remember the Titans

      Other Resources

    • Kathy Paisley


        A.D. Chronicles series, by Brock and Bodie Thoene.
          We now have the first eight in this series (First Light, Second Touch, Third Watch, Fourth Dawn, Fifth Seal, Sixth Covenant, Seventh Day and Eighth Shepherd) in the Sheridan Library. These books are fascinating reading whether or not you are a historical fiction buff. Each book in this series transports readers back in time to first century A.D to the most critical events in the history of the world. Each book engages you in the unique perspective of various characters of the Gospel stories. Readers get a feel for what it might have been like for the Jews living under Roman rule from the time prior to Christ’s birth as well as during his three years of ministry. Like many in these stories who were longing for the promised Messiah, for his healing touch and words of hope, I have discovered that same longing in my soul. These books are my favorites and have broadened my understanding of both Old and New Testament.