WORSHIP SCHEDULE: WEDNESDAY @ 6pm SUNDAY @ 8:30, 9:45, 11:00am

We have resumed in-person Wednesday worship at 6pm.

You’re Invited!

Wednesdays at 6pm

During the school year, September through April, a highlight of the week is to join in worship on Wednesday evenings as a part of Wednesdays @ the Well. This multi-sensory worship for all ages incorporates a casual environment great for the middle of the week recharge. People of all ages and all faith traditions are welcome to this midweek ministry that is a part of Sheridan’s Wednesdays @ the Well. This 30-minute service is a great complement or alternative to weekend worship. Monthly Holy Communion is currently suspended during Wednesday night worship.

Not able to worship in person? Consider joining us for worship online live: Wednesdays at 6pm.

Lent Worship Series:
Denial of Death

Lent is hard. It forces us to confront all kinds of things we would rather not believe exist, like violence, brutality and betrayal. Mostly, it requires us to confront our own mortality and death. We don’t like to think about our death. We generally choose to avoid thought of it at all costs.

The pandemic which has ravaged our world is hard. It has forced us to consider our own mortality and even our death. Even more, it has slowed down our activity, so we have not been able to busy ourselves and avoid such reflection.

Ernest Becker, in his 1973 Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Denial of Death, raised up, for the first time, that the fear of death is humankind’s primary motivator. A classic psychologist, Becker clearly argues against most of those who preceded him. Also, and unlike his peers, Becker was deeply committed to his faith.

The beauty of Becker’s work is it helps us to see the root of our fears and the extraordinary work we do to deny the reality of our mortality and death. In fact, Becker argues, we spend most of our time creating narratives that help us to do just that.

The irony of our Christian faith is that we have a savior, in Jesus, who did not deny his death. We clearly see that Jesus embraced his death, while also connecting to our humanity in fearing it. Looking at the Passion narrative, we see how all the main players in the story were about the work of trying to deny their death and save themselves – especially in the face of Jesus’ willingness to die for us.

Jesus teaches us the same thing that Becker does. Ultimately, when we learn to embrace our death is when we truly find life. Jesus proves, by his dying and rising, that our death does not have the final word.

In the midst of all that is hard, we have hope.

Ash Wednesday is February 17: noon, 6pm, 7:30pm

Wednesdays in Lent: February 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 6pm

During Wednesdays throughout Lent, we will seek to share faith stories from people within the Sheridan community.
Livestream will be available at 6pm each Wednesday.