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Kathy Paisley Kathy Paisley, Director of Ministry & Discipleship
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Eric Bostrom Eric Bostrom, Associate Pastor
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Classes specifically for Men
Classes specifically for Women

heridan’s goal for adult education is spiritual formation leading to transformation to Christlikeness. As adults, we grow in our understanding of God’s unconditional grace and love as we acquire knowledge, wisdom, attitudes, beliefs, skills, and abilities to think, feel, and act in ways that reflect our desire to follow Christ. As much as Jesus loved children, he called adults to be his disciples and to be transformed. Adults are called to be agents of change in our world. The Bible has many stories of Jesus teaching adults and blessing the children. It is through adult education, that followers of Christ understand their fears and work through tough issues with a mature biblical perspective.

Adult Faith Formation takes on various forms and activities that include focused learning on Biblical topics, meaningful conversation, attentive listening, and practicing the disciplines of a Christian way of life. Sheridan’s ministry for adults in all of the various seasons of life strives to help us live God’s promises as the family of God and to equip all of us to be formed and transformed as disciples of Christ.

Adults may join classes at any time. Registration is indicated if needed to attend.
Any needed class resources may be purchased on your own or at our OneSent Market just off of the Great Hall.

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

Current Ongoing Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 9:45am
All are welcome; begins Sept. 9
in the office Conference Room

Upcoming Classes & Events

Fall Learning Academy

Wed., Oct. 10, 17, 24; 6:30-7:30pm

You are invited to attend any of the following classes with our confirmation students and high school students. We want these classes to be intergenerational.

Bible 101

Come for an overview of the history of the books in the Bible. Become familiar with the Old and New Testaments, authors of the Bible, Biblical geography and how we can grow in faith from the reading the Bible. Bring your Bibles and get ready for an awesome, faith-filled adventure that begins with creation! No experience needed. Taught by Pastor Rhonda Bostrom.

The Sacraments: Baptism & Communion

We become a part of the Christian community in Holy Baptism, a ritual of word and washing with water. We then encounter Christ not only in words, but also by Christ’s promise paired with sharing bread and wine in Holy Communion. How do we as Lutheran-Christians understand these Sacraments? This class is for kids who did not attend the Baptism and Holy Communion Stepping Stones and for anyone needing a refresher on these amazing gifts of God’s grace. Taught by Deacon Kathy Paisley.


“Save the earth” is a phrase we hear so often it has become nearly meaningless. Why do we need to save the earth? What does the bible say about our world? Can we truly make a difference? In this course, we will look at our relationship to the world, according to the Bible. We will examine the changes scientists see in our environment and the steps we can take to love the earth God gave us. Taught by Pastor Greg Bouvier.

Pray the Way that Fits

God made each of us different and unique, which mean we all connect with God through prayer differently. This class with introduce you to a variety of ways to pray that engage all five senses. Taught by Pastor Eric Bostrom.

Bringing the Word to Life

Theatre is a powerful art form that can inspire, teach and help us to connect with the world around us. Throughout history, theatre and drama have been used to share and teach the Word of God to the community. This class will explore theater’s historical role in religion & faith, how we can find spiritual themes in “secular” theatre and how we can use theatre & drama effectively in ministry. Taught by Diane Dames.

Meaning of Service

God loves us and created each of us with special talents and abilities. It is important to use our gifts to help others. In 1 John 4:12, the bible says that “if we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us.” Serving others is one way of putting our love into action. In our time together we will explore ways we can live out our faith and sharing God’s love through serving. Taught by Pastor Michelle Oetken.

We are Church Together

One of the four emphases lifted up by ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton in recent years, is we are church together. This three-week session, geared primarily towards high school youth, but open to all, will explore our interconnectedness as the Body of Christ and expand our understanding of ministry that reaches across our state, nation and world. Special guest speakers, including Rev. Megan Morrow and former Bishop Dennis Anderson, will lead our conversation and learning. Facilitated by Ian Hartfield.

Book Discussion

Wed., Oct. 17; 6:30pm; Conference Room
Book: “Watching Over Me” by Rachel Hartman available in OneSent for $16 plus tax

This is the story of Elfi Lee born in Germany in 1940.  She lives a picture-perfect life until shadows of war creep onto their property in eastern Germany and her peaceful life is turned upside down. An offer to come to America and live near a Lutheran church arises and her family accepts. After a journey across the sea, Elfi will need to find out if a better life and true adventure can indeed be found.
Come and meet Elfi Lee, now living in Lincoln and the subject of this true story. She will be with us for the discussion of this book.