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Cheri Peterson

Cheri Peterson
402-423-4769 ext. 103


t is our desire to care for each of our members through their time of need. Through these ministries we also provide opportunities for you to grow in faith as you serve the community through care ministries.

Meal Ministry

This caring ministry offers delivery of meals to those returning home from the hospital (whether for illness or the joyful arrival of a baby) and to those who are homebound or going through treatments.  We meet and cook, or cook and deliver individually.

Prayer Shawl/Lap Robe Ministry

This ministry is for those who need to be wrapped, comforted and prayed for while undergoing cancer treatments or other life challenges. Blessings and prayers are knitted into every shawl, while meditation calms and enriches the soul. Learning and teaching knitting and crocheting provides fellowship and inter-generational bonding.

Healing Gardens

Sheridan’s gardening group meets on a regular basis to plant and maintain selected perennial gardens or work individually to beautify and celebrate nature, and meditate. It is a way to serve and provide service to the church.

Health and Wellness Activities

Fun and fellowship, participation in sports, with emphasis on nutrition, being together for fellowship and growth in faith are incorporated into youth and adult activities. Exercise programs and walking for health and for support of community causes are encouraged with the help of lay leaders and volunteers.