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Pastor Eric Bostrom
Cheri Peterson
Prayer-Care & Seniors Ministry Coordinator
Patty Forsberg
Special Projects Coordinator

Prayer Junction 120

Invite Friends
Sat., Nov. 21; 8:30 - 10:00am
Register: p.forsberg@sheridanlutheran.org
So often we have good intentions, as individuals, but when we come together we can be empowered, affirmed and inspired. This is your invitation to come together for 120 minutes of prayer, learning and meditation. This Prayer Junction will have a Advent focus. Coffee, tea and treats will be provided. Sponsored by the Prayer Ministry Team.

We are invited by God to approach him in prayer. We consider it a privilege and honor to pray with and for you through several prayer ministries.

Circle of Prayer

Meets every Saturday morning at 9am in the Worship Center. The Circle of Prayer is a relaxed time of prayer with others. The hope is that, in a supportive and safe place, we may gather, pray silently or share prayers. We come to be mentored in prayer and to ground our entire community in prayer.

A Prayer Chain

A group of committed people pray for the immediate needs of those in our community. Those who serve on the prayer chain receive prayer requests one day each week usually via email. They pray the entire week for these requests.

Meditative Prayer

Meets three times weekly in the Chapel: Wednesdays at 11:45am, following the education hour of Wednesdays @ the Well at 7:30pm or Sundays at 11am. Enjoy this method of silent prayer that prepares us to experience God’s presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself.

Personal Intercessors

Our Personal Intercessors have a specific gift of praying with and for others. If you have a long-term prayer need we assign a personal intercessor to hold you in prayer each day. Personal Intercessors also phone every week to visit and to ascertain current concerns and prayer needs.

Prayer Partners & Teams

Prayer Partners are assigned to those who have an acute need for healing or for mission trip participants. Prayer teams meet regularly and listen empathetically and pray for God’s peace and strength, whether the walk be in mission, for healing or to God calling them home.


Support Groups and “caring connections” formed for those dealing with cancer, life transitions and other health issues. A group setting allows for topic discussion and sharing as well as presentation of information. Support is found and Christian community is celebrated as we form Grace Groups and walk with each other in life’s challenges.

Prayer Labyrinth and Stations of the Cross

Located just off of the 70th Street parking lot entrance, these are prayer additions to the Sheridan campus. Learn more about the Labyrinth. Learn more about the Stations of the Cross.