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Cheri Peterson

Cheri Peterson
402-423-4769 ext.103

    They are like trees…which yield their fruit in their season who do not wither. In all they do they prosper."
      Psalm 1:3

    Upcoming Events

    Cards & Games

    Sun., Dec. 10; noon-3pm; Room 111
    Info: c.peterson@sheridanlutheran.org
    Join us for a potluck holiday foods and treats in Room 111 at noon, followed by cards until 3pm. All are welcome.

    Christmas Lights & Living Nativity Bus Tour

    Thurs., Dec. 14; 6-8pm
    Info: c.peterson@sheridanlutheran.org
    Join us for an evening taking in area Christmas lights and a living nativity. We will stop for fellowship and desserts. Contact Cheri Peterson or sign up at the Welcome Center.

heridan Lutheran Church has a mission to care for all people, including senior adults; to help them maintain the highest possible level of the abundant life Jesus came to offer (John 10:10). Sheridan strives to nurture and provide our seniors with a variety of worship opportunities and intergenerational activities. In return, we are blessed to have our seniors provide wisdom, prayer support, historical perspective and a sense of continuity. As the church changes, our seniors are constant reminders that we will age and adapt as our world changes.


Sheridan has a wheelchair accessible church bus that provides transportation to Sunday Services and to special holiday services, events and activities. The bus is driven by CDL-licensed and trained volunteers. It seats 18 passengers. It is equipped with seat belts. For more information or to arrange for the bus please contact Brenda Carpenter at b.carpenter@sheridanlutheran.org


Opportunities are afforded to worship at special services throughout the year, and do the Lord’s work while having fun and fellowship.

Resource Center/Advocacy

Information on senior resources, programs, and materials are maintained at Sheridan. We work with our seniors to assure they are safe, cared for spiritually, and supported during periods of illness and transition. Seniors are a main focus of our Health and Wellness Ministry.

Home Safety, CHERISH (Churches Helping Elderly Reside In Safe Homes)

Sheridan has a group of trained home safety inspectors and a team of home improvement experts who will install minor home safety features such as bathroom grab bars or the building of wheelchair ramps.

Collection of Home Health Aids

Donations by members and purchases with grant money have allowed us to maintain a stockpile of home health aides such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs for those in need.