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Julie Hestermann Julie Hestermann, Director of Children's Ministry
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Julie Anderson Julie Anderson,Children's Music Coordinator
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We ask parents to register child(ren) for each education opportunity they plan to participate.

1st - 5th Grade Student Classes

Sunday Education

Spirit Quest is the name of our Sunday morning education program for children in grades 1-5. In five or six-week units, children come to know God through a series of interactive workshops. Each Spirit Quest workshop utilizes a particular learning style for its approach to the lesson such as drama, art, storytelling, music, games, computers, science and cooking.

At 9:45am, the children are divided into groups according to their grade. Each group will start in the workshop they will be participating in that day. The groups gather together for opening worship and hear the story before they return to their workshop. Groups rotate to a different workshop each week to learn and know God through different experiences. Shepherds, high school youth and adults lead the groups of students and take an active part in the class along with the students, develop relationships with the children, pray with them, and assist them in processing the lesson through discussion and journaling.

At 11am, students in grades 1-5 begin in worship with their families, come forward for the Children’s Message and then are dismissed for activities for the remainder of the hour. Students travel as a group to a different workshop each week.

Wednesday Education

Elementary students are encouraged to worship at 6pm with their families, and then come to a large group Bible activity time at 6:30pm. Following Bible Time, children have the opportunity to further explore the Bible lesson through art, drama, games, science, video, computers and cooking. Through the Workshop Rotation Model students rotate to different activities as they learn and know about God.

All Stars (5th graders)

Sheridan offers the prevention program, All Stars, during Wednesdays @ the Well for 5th graders and their parents. The goal of All Stars is to delay the onset of substance use, reduce violence and delinquency and prevent premature sexual activity. The emphasis is on prevention, keeping adolescents from starting to participate in these problem behaviors. Contact Julie Hestermann for more information.

Children's Music

There are many opportunities for 1st-5th graders to be involved in music at Sheridan. Please visit our Children’s Music page to see opportunities for Sundays, Wednesdays and Christmas. Contact Julie Anderson for more information.