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Children in Worship

Families of all ages are welcome and encouraged to worship together at Sheridan, but we also know that there are times when sitting still can be hard for little ones. Sheridan has some resources to help during worship. View our Children in Worship page to see all the ways we engage and encourage our youngest ones in worship.

Children in Worship Page

Interested in baptism?

Baptism is a big event and a joyous celebration, as well as a sacred one. It is meant to be shared by family, sponsors, godparents, and the whole church community. For this reason, Baptism normally takes place during a regular worship service of the congregation. Click below to learn more about the First Steps to Baptism class, scheduling your child's baptism and more.

Baptism at Sheridan

hroughout the year from September to April, we have education classes for your littlest ones. See the education options and register your child below.

Two by Twos

Two by Twos is a class designed for parents or grandparents, to engage with their toddlers in singing songs and doing musical activities focusing on a biblical theme such as “Jesus Loves Me.” This 30-minute class follows the Wednesdays @ the Well calendar and is offered on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, September to April.

Families can join anytime. Contact Julie Anderson with any questions.

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Sunday School for Twos

Children ages two and three, but not yet in Sunday School, and their parents are invited to experience both the Christmas and Easter stories through each interactive lesson. This special class is offered before Easter and Christmas.

Advent for Twos Registration Easter for Twos Registration