WORSHIP SCHEDULE: SATURDAY @ 5:30pm SUNDAY @ 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am

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Molly Schmit

Molly Schmit, Director of Worship Arts
402-423-4769 ext. 117

Amelia Barrett

Amelia Barrett, Music Associate
402-423-4769 ext. 119

Diane Dames

Diane Dames, Drama Coordinator
402-423-4769 ext. 123

Jared Rechsteiner

Jared Rechsteiner, Worship Arts Technician
402-423-4769 ext. 130

Trisha Knoell

Trisha Knoell, Interpreter
402-423-4769 ext. 102

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Worship Arts Opportunities

Children’s Music

Sheridan offers music opportunities for your child throughout the program year.

Youth Worship Arts

Sheridan offers many youth music and drama opportunities for middle and high school students throughout the school year, from youth praise team, to orchestra and even being a part of dramas in worship.

Music Ministry

There are many ways to share your gift of music with the Sheridan community.

Drama Ministry

Sheridan Lutheran Church periodically uses plays or puppets during weekend worship. Share your gift of acting with the Sheridan community.

Sound & Video Ministry

Share your gift and love of technology with the Sheridan community.

Deaf Ministry

Sheridan Lutheran provides weekend worship interpretation for its deaf community, as well as other opportunities like Sign Choir.

Special Music Events

Sheridan Lutheran periodically hosts different musical groups. These events happen throughout the year.

Scripture Readers

One way you can be a spiritual part of the worship service is by reading the scripture lesson for the day. The public reading of the scripture has been an essential part of worship for many years and it remains a central authority for our spiritual lives. If you have any questions or want to be a Scripture reader, please contact Brenda Carpenter b.carpenter@sheridanlutheran.org.

Current Scripture Reader Schedule