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Pastor Rhonda Bostrom, Assoc. Pastor/Missions
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El Salvador
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El Salvador is, at once, the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. The housing shortage affects more than 944,000 families and continues to grow as the population increases. This means that 6 out of 10 families live in inadequate housing. You can help, join this Habitat team today!

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Approximate trip costs:
(fees do not include R&R activities or personal spending money)

Thrivent Benefit Members: ~$845 + airfare
non-Thrivent members: ~$1,345 + airfare
currently, airfare is ranging from $850-$1,200.
To join the team or for more info, contact Jody Simeck.
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hat is it like to live through the rainy season and all you have over your head is a thatched roof that leaks and all you have below you is a patted down dirt floor? What happens when the water starts to run into the house and flood the floor? How does that complicate life as you raise children, send them to school and complete your daily work tasks?

A Growing Partnership

Sheridan's Global Mission leadership expanding their partnership with Habitat for Humanity Global Village and Thrivent Builds. While we have primarily served in El Salvador, beginning in 2016 Sheridan expanded their relationship with other Habitat Global Village locations throughout the world including Romania and Hawaii. Contact Jody Simeck, if you are interested in becoming a part of a team.

Habitat Global Village Trip Details & Cost

Trip participants must be at least 18-years-old by departure date; or 16-years-old if accompanied by parent or guardian.
Sheridan creates two build teams each year and teams typically serve in the summer and winter or fall.
Approximate Thrivent Benefit Member Cost (varies for each location): ~$1000 + cost of airfare
Approximate Non-Thrivent Benefit Member Cost (varies for each location): ~$1,300 + cost of airfare

Sheridan's Partnership with Thrivent Builds & Habitat for Humanity Global Village in El Salvador

For the last several years, Sheridan has deployed teams to travel to the regions of Santa Ana or Ahuachapán in El Salvador. On these trips, our teams provide the much appreciated labor to build new, sturdy and economical housing for the people there. We work side by side with the families who will receive the new home. There is no heavy machinery or lifting equipment, simply people working together to get the job done.

Sheridan's Partnership with Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Salvador

Each of Sheridan's Habitat Global Village mission trips to El Salvador begins with worship at Cristo Rey and connecting with other people of shared faith. Simply hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a different language is powerful! Pastor Carlos and Pastor Velma provide amazing spiritual leadership for the community there. We desire to support them as they too, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our relationship has been built over the years, Sheridan Lutheran Church is a household name among the families of Santa Ana, El Salvador. When we visit, it feels like a family reunion.

A Look at Sheridan's El Salvador Partnership