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    402-423-4769 ext. 114
Tom and Linda Gapp, Sheridan Team Leader
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ince 1993, the Nebraska Synod and the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, East Africa have shared a deep relationship. The ELCT is one of the fastest growing Christian churches in the world with over 5.6 million members. Churches in the Nebraska Synod partner with companion churches in the Northern Diocese to provide prayers, financial support and encouragement. We give thanks to God for blessing us so richly and giving us the opportunity to work through his people!

Sheridan’s Partnership with Mudio Lutheran Parish

Sheridan Lutheran Church began a companion relationship with the Mudio Lutheran Parish in 2005. Pastor Christosia Ngowi leads this 4,000 member church. In addition to sharing our faith and worshiping together, we finished building the Mudio Church. We also built a Montessori kindergarten and a maize mill.

Sheridan’s Partnership with Karansi Lutheran Parish

Sheridan also has a strong relationship with the Karansi Lutheran Parish. Karansi is led by Pastor Joshua Laiser, who has spread the gospel among the Maasai, a nomadic people. Sheridan contributed to building the main church and three sub parish churches at Karansi. During Advent Conspiracy in 2010, Sheridan raised $48,000 to build the Karansi English Primary School. More than 300 children already attend; most of these children have never been in school.

Current Projects with Tanzania

Through our Advent giving opportunities in 2014 and the Readiness Fund, Sheridan is working to complete the Udoro Church building. You can read about the progress here.

Tanzania Mission Projects

  • Ready to have a life-changing experience? Join members of the Nebraska Synod on a Vision Trip to Tanzania. This experience will strengthen your faith and build a personal relationship with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania, East Africa. The trip includes visiting a hospital, orphanage, and meeting sponsored students at the secondary schools with the focus of the trip on the dedication of the Udoro Church led by Pastor Greg Bouvier. We will also worship at the Karansi Church and visit Nuru Primary School. Nuru was built by Sheridan in 2012. We will safari to the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. On this trip, you will discover your faith in a meaningful way! You will see how God works through his people!
    The approximate cost is $4,200 and is all inclusive. For complete details contact Stephanie Lusienski, or Pastor Rhonda Bostrom.
  • Textbooks for Tanzania is a project started at Sheridan and now promoted at the Nebraska Synod. The project has given more than 30,000 textbooks, including Holy Bibles, to the Lutheran high schools in the last seven years. These educational projects have expanded into members of Sheridan building classrooms, and supporting university or nursing scholarships.

    Click here to learn how you can be involved in Textbooks for Tanzania at Sheridan. Follow these links to learn more about how the Nebraska Synod is partnering with Tanzania and helping get Textbooks for Tanzania.

  • Secondary education in Tanzania is not free. Thus, the students consider it a privilege to attend school. We have tremendous opportunities to bless our Christian friends in Tanzania. Click here to learn about the Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project which gives scholarships to 180 orphans at the Lutheran high schools in the Northern Diocese. These orphans have lost one or both parents to malaria, AIDS or accidents.