Habitat and Thivent Financial Partnership

Thrivent Builds is an effort to dramatically increase the number of homes Habitat builds in a year—beyond the homes Habitat already builds. The goal is to build hundreds of homes per year with Habitat, from the inner cities of America to neighborhoods around the world.

Through volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money, land, and materials Lincoln/Lancaster County Habitat for Humanity builds or rehabilitates simple, decent and affordable houses. Families are selected based on their level of need, willingness to partner with us, acceptance of responsibilities and ability to repay the mortgage. Families must complete at least 300-400 hours of sweat equity. Qualified families purchase Habitat homes with zero-interest mortgages. Habitat homeowners take pride in owning their home, which in turn has proven to increase their children’s educational success.

Like to volunteer?

City codes require persons at least 16 years of age but under the age of 18, to have a parent signature to participate in building activities, with the exception of interior painting. Your prayers and your donations of cash, labor or materials in support of this project are gratefully accepted. Monetary donations can be made through Sheridan Lutheran Church by designating the Thrivent Builds project.

2015 Faith Build Family

This year’s family is Ahmed & Fatima Haroun.  The Harouns moved to Lincoln, from Sudan, to be closer to family. Ahmed is a full-time welder; Fatima watches their four children during the week and works part-time on the weekends, when Ahmed is home. When the selection committee was visiting their current residence mold was visible, a lot of dampness and condensation could be felt in the air. The basement bedrooms are very cold in the winter causing for high heating bills. When it rains water comes into the basement, leaks from the roof into their kitchen and has also leaked from the utility room into the basement bedrooms. They love living in Lincoln, the low crime rate and being around good people makes them excited to call Lincoln home. We are excited to be partners with this dedicated, hardworking, and passionate family.

Photos from 2013 House of Hope

Financial Support

In 2015, the funding will support the construction of 121 homes, the repair of up to 450 homes and 120 worldwide trips through the three Thrivent Builds programs: Thrivent Builds Homes, Thrivent Builds Worldwide and Thrivent Builds Repairs.
    • Thrivent Builds Homes is the largest of the three programs and focuses on improving communities by helping Habitat build homes in partnership with low-income families across the nation.
    • Thrivent Builds Worldwide allows Thrivent members and others to give financially and volunteer their time as they travel to international or domestic locations for a week or more at a time to build Habitat homes and experience other cultures.
    • Thrivent Builds Repairs provides for the repair of existing homes in partnership with families who don't have the resources or ability to make the repairs themselves. Partner families may include senior citizens, veterans, single mothers or others needing assistance.
Since the partnership's inception, Thrivent Financial and its members have committed $213 million and 4.4 million volunteer hours to help create safe, decent and affordable housing with 4,000 Habitat families in 34 countries around the world.
Thrivent Financial remains the largest non-governmental supporter of Habitat for Humanity International. For more information about Thrivent Builds programs or to volunteer, visit Thriventbuilds.com.
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans provides the majority of the financing, but asks for matching dollars (approx. $10,000) from Lincoln area Lutheran Congregations. The overall cost of the house is reduced through the donation of labor and some materials. When completed, the family will be required pay the remaining cost via a zero interest mortgage. As payments are made, the funds are recycled to build additional houses.
Our good record of supporting and completing Thrivent Builds is an important factor in the Lincoln/Lancaster Chapter's success in requesting annual sponsorship from Thrivent Financial.