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“We Are Ready!”


The Readiness Fund is a mission and ministry which will allow Sheridan to meet the need placed before us while also choosing to stay intentionally debt-free. It is based on what the Apostle Paul teaches.

“For if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has…”

The word eagerness in the original Greek is “prothumia” (προθυμία). A second and helpful translation for it is ready. The root infers being inclined to give, and that inclination comes out of a response to God’s blessings. The sense is that we are filled with the Spirit and eager. Zeal and enthusiasm are hallmarks of “prothumia.” Essentially, God’s work on our grateful heart makes us ready to give.

The question each of us has to answer is one of inclination. Are you ready?

The Readiness Fund is born out of a desire to respond to God’s work in the hearts and lives of Sheridan members who wish to make a difference established in 2015. With The Readiness Fund we will consistently seek to:

1. Do creative mission projects both internationally and locally.

2. Continue our rich tradition of capital improvements to our beautiful campus.

3. Repair and maintain our facility as a means by which we honor God.

We seek to do these things above and beyond the central funds of mission, namely our general operating budget. The Readiness Fund seeks to do mission that Sheridan couldn’t do in any other way.

View previous projects of the Readiness Fund:

Current Projects

What we are ready to do

Mission: CLM Project

Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM), or Pathway to a Better Life in Haitian Creole, is a program through which the community supports women who live on less than $1 per day. The CLM program gives these women education, life skills training and assets upon which to build a better life. This intensive education process is 18 months and over the last five years has a 96 percent graduation rate. Groups of 100 women are accepted, and it costs Haitian Timoun Foundation $150,000 to support those women. Sheridan has pledged $50,000 in support of CLM.


Capital Improvement: Family Life Center Projection

For Christmas Eve and Easter services, our Family Life Center (FLC) is used as worship overflow. Each Wednesday from September to May the FLC is used for Wednesdays @ Well meals and education. This space also hosts funeral luncheons, large group education and fellowship events and the like. Because of the strong sunlight, high ceilings and hard surfaces, audio and visual presentations are poor in quality. In order to improve seasonal worship and expand our ability to serve groups in that space, Sheridan has pledged media improvements to the FLC, which will cost $70,000.



Repair/Refurbish: Worship Center Lighting

During the process of building our beautiful facility, decisions were made about the lighting in the Worship Center in order to make the building costs more affordable. Dimmable ceiling lights, spotlights and infrastructure were eliminated. Given our evening worship services at critical times of the year, a few makeshift pieces have been added and enhanced our worship life. Now is the time to complete the Worship Center as it was originally designed to be, and we will do so at a cost of $100,000.


We are ready! Are you?

Give Online ButtonYou are invited and asked to support the Readiness Fund. Gifts may be specifically designated or you may choose to support all projects by simply supporting the fund. We trust the Spirit will lead us to hear God’s call and that you will generously respond over time.