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Sheridan's Thrivent Committee

Roger Anderson, President
Linda Eggen, Vice President
Linda Anderson, Pastor Rhonda Bostrom, Dean Christensen, Gary King, Lisa King, Carl Mesecher, Jody Simeck, Amy Wagner

hrivent Financial is a faith-based, not-for-profit membership organization nearly 2.5 million members strong that has a member focus and commitment to helping others. Sheridan benefits from this help through programs like Thrivent Choice Dollars and Action Teams.

Ways Thrivent Financial Member Owners Can Help Sheridan Lutheran Church

Direct Your Thrivent Choice Dollars

Thrivent member-owners can show their support for Sheridan Lutheran Church by designating their choice dollars to our ministry. Eligible members are designated Choice Dollars, based on insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership. Choice Dollars can be directed to thousands of nonprofit organizations nationwide, including Sheridan Lutheran.

The Thrivent Choice Dollars designated to Sheridan are dispersed through a committee to the various needs of the church. You can view the most recent year's Thrivent Choice Dollars on the chart below.
If you would like designate your funds to a specific ministry or project within Sheridan, please notify the church office after naming Sheridan as the recipient. To designate your Choice Dollars to Sheridan Lutheran Church, visit the Thrivent website or call the toll-free number. If you have questions about the program or how to designate your funds, please call the toll free number or your Thrivent Financial representative.

Start a Thrivent Action Team

Make a positive change; apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team at Sheridan or around Lincoln. If you’re a benefit member of Thrivent Financial, you can apply to lead a volunteer team in a one-time:
  • Fundraiser
  • Service activity
  • Educational event

Thrivent will help you get started.
Bring a team together—family, friends, community members—to make an immediate impact.
Thrivent will help you get started with:
  • Resources to help you plan the event.
  • Promotional items, including Thrivent T-shirts.
  • Community Impact Card with $250 of seed money.
  • Learn more and apply online. Each Thrivent benefit member is eligible for two Action Teams each year.

    Sheridan's Choice Dollars At Work:

    Confirmation Crosses: $113
    Confirmation Retreat: $500
    El Salvador: $54
    Festival of Trees/Camperships: $500
    Habitat Global Village H4H Travel Scholarship: $158
    Meal Ministry: $150
    Mission Trip & Retreat Scholarship: $1,000
    Music Cantata: $300
    Stained Glass Readiness Fund: $171
    Women’s Ministry: $250
    Youth Ministry: $800
    TOTAL: $3,996