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Men’s Work Day in Pilger


Five of us set out at 7am for the Village of Pilger. The folks we helped had passed on help many times because they always saw everyone else’s need as greater than their own.

The expected work detail was taking care of two falling Silver Maples. High winds, tree balance and trunk size made it difficult to tackle both trees but the the small but mighty crew still managed to get one down. The big trees brought more adventure as we rescued 5 baby raccoons from the fallen tree.


Our contact, Angela Denton, found us two more jobs to fill time such as cutting a row of lilac bushes and hauling it to the dump at Mark Tiedtke’s place. We also helped the Watkin family with leveling mulch left behind by several stump grindings and taking some excess to their garden.

Mark invited us back for lunch of grilled Venison burgers, macaroni salad, baked beans and chocolate cake.

After lunch, we helped Mark with two more trees and a junk pile that came with many more tornado day stories.

All in all, while we weren’t the biggest crew, it was rewarding to finally bring help to those that waited and to be thanked for our generosity.

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