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Fet Bondye Day 3: Alex Henning

July 4, 2013:This week has been quite the experience. On Saturday, when the crew from Nebraska arrived in the Port-au-Prince airport I was on the other side of the chaos you experience when leaving the airport. But it isn’t busy until the people know that a plane has just landed...
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Preparations in Haiti

I have been pretty busy lately.  There is just a little over a week left until the HTF camp.  Sheridan’s group along with others from HTF will be coming down here to Haiti.  I’ve been helping a lot with preparing for this camp.  In late May I was able to go around with a few kids...
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The American Way?

I’ve been in Haiti for almost 2 weeks now, which is longer than either of my previous two experiences.  Sometimes I feel like I should be going home right about now, but soon realize I still have six weeks left.  Since I am going to be here longer than before, I have been...
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"Blanc" by Alex Henning

Walking back from Tetkole, the school program I’m serving at, I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Jacque who has been with me all week.  A girl had called me a “blanc” or “white person” in Creole.  And his response to her was “Are you talking to me?”  So...
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Heading on a Haiti Mission

Written Sunday, May 12. As I write this, I’m in the Dallas airport looking forward to getting into Haiti early Monday morning.  I’m truly grateful for all the support that I was given today throughout the church services this weekend.  I have a lot of down time in the...
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Sheridan Missionary heads for Haiti

Jacky Asse (left) and Alex Henning (right) following a performance of the Resurrection Dance Theatre from Haiti in March 2010. Sheridan’s missionary, Alex Henning, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore, is returning to Haiti following two previous trips for a two-month...
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