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Tanzania Group Update: Children

Believing you have witnessed the poorest of the poor, around the corner you discover you haven’t seen it all. Today we visited one of our sister congregations, Karansi Lutheran Church & Nuru English Primary School and realized how grateful children living in extreme...
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Nuru Pre and Primary School: by Judy Sorensen

During our recent trip to Tanzania, Rocky and I traveled with Pastor Greg to spend the whole day with the Nuru School at Karasi Parish. We had the opportunity to meet with the teachers and visit the students. They sang for us in every crowded classroom and as we gathered outdoors...
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Updates from the Karansi School

Click here to see updated photos of the Karansi Primary School. Tom Gapp’s words are true, “The progress is fantastic and such a blessing to the children of our sister congregation.” Go to our website to see how you can become more involved with the Karansi...
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The Children of Karansi

The children at Karansi Lutheran Parish are like the children in all of Africa.  Many of us have a deep love for these children. The disciple John wrote in John 3:17, “If a rich person sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against his brother, how can he claim he...
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