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Baptism is a big event and a joyous celebration, as well as a sacred one. It is meant to be shared by family, sponsors, godparents, and the whole church community. For this reason, Baptism normally takes place during a regular worship service of the congregation. This enables the members of the Christian community, to which you or your child is entering, to witness the event and offer their prayers, love and support.

In the Lutheran church, baptism is understood as a sacrament: a special act commanded by Christ, given with a physical element, and a means by which God gives us grace, acceptance, forgiveness. Baptism is a gift and is the starting point of the Christian life.

At Baptism we are called by name into God’s family. The Holy Spirit, working through God’s word and the water, claims us as a child of God, and we are marked with the cross of Christ forever. Through God’s grace, we are named as an inheritor of all the good gifts the loving Creator has to give. It is a visible sign of God’s invisible gift of acceptance, forgiveness, adoption, and love. It is the beginning of a life lived in relationship with God through Christ. Within this caring community, the baptized child of God will have a chance to develop and mature, becoming all that God intends him or her to be.

First Steps for Baptism Class at 11am

2023 Classes: January 29, Feburary 26, March 26, April 30, May 21, June 18, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 29, November 19, December 17

First Steps for Baptism is a class that includes teaching about the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, gives you an opportunity to meet other families preparing for this special day and offers some encouragement for you as Christian parents. You are welcome to bring your baby along and the nursery is available for older siblings. Participation in this class is required for baptism at Sheridan. You can contact the church office to schedule the baptism prior to attending the class.

Baptismal Sponsors

Baptismal sponsors play a very important role in your child’s faith life. Before choosing sponsors for your child, you are encouraged to contact your family and friends who are worshiping, active Christians. When asking a person or a couple to sponsor your child, consider the commitment involved in baptismal sponsorship. A sponsor should pray regularly for your child, remember their baptismal birthday, be a model of love, care, and Christ-like kindness, and see that your child is brought up in the Christian faith at home and within the Christian community.

Babies in Christ Ministry

Babies in Christ Ministry for parents and newborns offers a bridge for each family to connect with our church family. We provide encouragement to new parents during this very sacred time. A mentor is assigned to provide support and prayer for you and your baby. Your mentor also hosts your family at church on your baby’s Baptism Day. If you are looking forward to the birth of a child in the near future or have recently given birth to a baby and are looking forward to the baptism of that child, please contact the church office at Kathy Paisley to become connected with a Babies in Christ Mentor.

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