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  • Pastor Greg Bouvier


      A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren
      The Reformation of the Church by Kent Carlson and Mike Leutken
      The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges


      About Time
      Big Fish
      Cast Away
      Groundhog Day
      Ordinary People
      The Shawshank Redemption
      The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Pastor Michelle Oetken


      Holding Your Family Together by Dr. Rich Melheim
      Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth by Peter Connolly

    Children's Books

      Heaven is a Wonderful Place by Joanne Marxhausen - This is my favorite resource for helping young children talk about death and heaven.
      The Voice by R. W. Metlen
      To Everything There is a Season by Leo & Diane Dillon
      The Praise by Niko Chocheli


      The Mission -I have walked along the Iguazu waterfalls and the ruins of this very mission compound the story shared about in Northern Argentina.
      Singing in the Rain
      Remember the Titans

    Other Resources

  • Recommended Books


      A.D. Chronicles series, by Brock and Bodie Thoene.
        The first eight in this series are available in the Sheridan Library.
  • Recommended Playlists

  • Recommended Podcasts

      The Bible Project (Bible Study)
      The Wonder of Parenting (Christian perspective on parenting)
      The Robcast (Rob Bell's Bible teaching)
      On Being (Interviews with interesting people)
      The Holy Post (Hosted by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame)
      Exploring My Strange Bible (In depth Bible teaching by Dr. Tim Mackie)
      Learning How to See (Hosted by Brian McClaren about spirituality)
      Turning to the Mystics (Hosted by the Center for Action & Contemplation)
      Another Name for Everything (Hosted by the Center for Action & Contemplation)
  • Recommended Apps

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