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What in your life has stirred your heart’s movement towards God? God ensures there are many pathways to his love and presence.
Spiritual direction is a pathway that supports your heart’s understanding of God and helps strengthen your growing relationship with God.

Spiritual direction is a time set apart. Directees meet one-on-one with a spiritual director for about an hour each month. The director is there to create a sacred space so directees can explore the presence and movement of God in their lives. In this way, directees begin to discover, think about and work with the deeper joys and/or concerns they have within their relationship with God. It is the work of the Spirit that supports the directee’s spiritual journey. This may happen within the directee as he or she talks about an experience or question during the direction time. It may happen as the directee ponders a question or comment made by the director in this time together. It may happen later, after the direction, as the directee continues to stay open to God’s voice, allowing God’s work to continue. Often it will happen at all of these times.

You may wonder who takes advantage of spiritual direction. Typically, those who desire continued spiritual transformation will be those in spiritual direction. This includes spiritual directors themselves as well as people who tend to look for spiritual growth opportunities. It also includes those who may be feeling a need to look at where their relationship with God truly is or could be. There is no one “type” of person who chooses spiritual direction, but all in spiritual direction wish to continue to grow spiritually and experience an ever-deepening sense of God’s presence.

The spiritual directors at Sheridan have been certified as directors after a two-year course of study called Seeking the Spirit Within, a Nebraska Lutheran synod-based program that trains spiritual directors.

Certified Spiritual Directors at Sheridan

Anne Kubr

Currently accepting new directees. Contact Anne Kubr

Deacon Kathy Paisley

Currently accepting new directees.
Contact Deacon Kathy Paisley

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