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Cheri Peterson
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It is our desire to care for each of our members through their time of need. Through these ministries, we also provide opportunities for you to grow in faith as you serve the community through care ministries.

Hospital Visitors

A skilled team of Sheridan members visit those hospitalized, providing sensitive care to the patient and their families. These former pastors and lay ministers are a liaison between those hospitalized and the pastors on a daily basis to assure support, prayer, communion and pastoral visits.

Visitation Caregivers

Members with specific skills and training assist those who are unable to leave their homes. They pray for them daily, phone weekly, and visit them each month. When possible and desired, Holy Communion is also arranged.

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners may be assigned to someone who has an acute need for healing. They listen empathetically and pray for God’s peace and strength, whether the walk be in mission, for healing or to God calling them home.


Sheridan offers support groups and “caring connections” formed for those dealing with cancer, life transitions and other health issues.  A group setting allows for topic discussion and sharing as well as a presentation of information. Support is found and Christian community is celebrated as we form Grace Groups and walk with each other in life’s challenges.

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