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Maundy Thursday Seder Meal Information for Families


All are welcome to enjoy dinner with the traditional celebration of the Passover Seder, to better understand the meaning of Holy Communion and the new covenant Jesus referred to in his body and blood. Because of the nature of this event, we need to know how many people are coming and, more specifically, your family group size. Please make reservations no later than the Monday prior to Maundy Thursday.

This will be a solemn, festive and educational event that we hope you will add to the list of memorable occasions in your family’s faith life.

When You Arrive at the Seder Meal

Please plan to arrive starting at 5:15pm but no later than 5:30pm. The Seder service and meal will begin promptly at 5:30pm.

We will have the tables and chairs set for you. This is why we need to know your family group size ahead of time. Small family units may wish to join with another small family group to fill a table.

When you arrive you will find tables set with a nice tablecloth, the items necessary for the Seder service as well as dinnerware. Instructions will be available for setting the final items.

Items to Bring

  • A bouquet of spring flowers, a low floral centerpiece or long-stemmed flowers to lay down the center of your table.
  • Two candles, either votive or tapers, with candlesticks or votive cups and a lighter or book of matches.
  • We cater the dinner to make it easier for families to attend without having to make last-minute food preparations. A festive family dinner is traditionally celebrated within the Seder service.
  • We will provide all other items for the Seder service as well as tableware, (plates, glasses and silverware) and beverages.

Volunteers Needed

Helpers for cleanup are needed after the meal. Please let us know if your family would be available to help via the church office at 402-423-4769 or by email to Julie Hestermann.

Event Contact

Julie Hestermann, Director of Faith Formation

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