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“We Are Ready!”


The Readiness Fund is a mission and ministry which will allow Sheridan to meet the need placed before us while also choosing to stay intentionally debt-free. It is based on what the Apostle Paul teaches.

“For if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has…”

The word eagerness in the original Greek is “prothumia” (προθυμία). A second and helpful translation for it is ready. The root infers being inclined to give, and that inclination comes out of a response to God’s blessings. The sense is that we are filled with the Spirit and eager. Zeal and enthusiasm are hallmarks of “prothumia.” Essentially, God’s work on our grateful heart makes us ready to give.

The question each of us has to answer is one of inclination. Are you ready?

The Readiness Fund is born out of a desire to respond to God’s work in the hearts and lives of Sheridan members who wish to make a difference established in 2015. With The Readiness Fund we will consistently seek to:

  • Do creative mission projects both internationally and locally.
  • Continue our rich tradition of capital improvements to our beautiful campus.
  • Repair and maintain our facility as a means by which we honor God.

We seek to do these things above and beyond the central funds of a mission, namely our general operating budget. The Readiness Fund seeks to do the mission that Sheridan couldn’t do in any other way.

View previous projects of the Readiness Fund:

Current Project

What we are ready to do

Proposed Outreach Center

Outreach Center

God Calls us to Reach into the community to share the compassion and love of Christ with the world. Over the years, Sheridan has done a tremendous job in our commitment to global mission and local outreach. From our sister congregations in Tanzania, to the establishment of the Barnabas Community, we have cared deeply for others – reaching far beyond our four walls.

Current Retreat Center

Renewed by the presence and excellent work of Pastor Sarah Ruch, our local outreach ministries have thrived! The only thing that has curtailed our ministry of late has been our facility. The Retreat Center, an aging single family home, has been used hard and fallen into disrepair. In the past year our church leaders have generated a report on the totality of the repairs needed. This summer the furnace failed, adding to the need for new windows, siding and foundation walls. The Council chose to raze the Retreat Center and use the lawn south of the church for a new Outreach Center.

Proposed Outreach Center

The renderings you’ll see below show a functional space that can host a variety of gatherings. The dedicated space for the Backpack Program will vitalize that ministry, and ample storage will solve several problems the church has had since moving into our current location.

Proposed Main Level
Proposed Basement

Thank you for considering your above and beyond gift to the Readiness Fund. More details will be announced as the building plans are honed. We will proceed, striving to remain a debt-free congregation, while at the same time seeking to build this facility. We trust that you believe God calls us to do this ministry. As we reach into the community, we acknowledge God’s
blessings in our lives, we realize that our life as a church makes a difference
and we claim that God’s love is not all about just ourselves.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support as we “love deeply, grow spiritually and share abundantly.”

We are ready! Are you?

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You are invited and asked to support the Readiness Fund. Gifts may be specifically designated or you may choose to support all projects by simply supporting the fund. We trust the Spirit will lead us to hear God’s call and that you will generously respond over time.

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