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Mission: Udoro Church

Udoro Church is a sub-parish of Mudio, our sister congregation in Tanzania. This small mud church was so dilapidated that it needed to be torn down. A new building has been started, but waits to be finished until funds are received. We seek to support the worship life and depth of faith that our Tanzanian brothers and sisters exude. As of October 2015, because of the continued generosity of Sheridan members and friends, we have fulfilled the requested $36,000. Thank you for the support of this project! Below are the most recent photos we have received from our friends in Tanzania.


Capital Improvement: Corner Sign

For a dozen years Sheridan has negotiated with the City of Lincoln to be allowed to install an illuminated corner sign at 70th and Old Cheney Road. After years of negotiations, we have found a way to get this accomplished. Ongoing support of the Readiness Fund has raised the $30,000 needed for this project. The sign is in place and fully operational. Thank you for your support of this project!

Repair: Screens in Worship Center

The video technology used in worship is tremendously important to what we do. We are able to worship with heads held high rather than with faces in a booklet or hymnal. Unfortunately, the video screens we use are outdated. Even worse, they of a format that is no longer supported. In essence, not only do the screens need to be replaced with better technology, the computers and all other behind-the-scenes drivers of the images on the screens will also need to be replaced. Five companies have placed a bid for the privilege of serving Sheridan in this manner. We anticipate the cost will approach $200,000. We will be very blessed with the results, but this technology is expensive. As our screens dim over time, it is clear that this is a needed change to keep our worship life strong.

August 2015 Update:

Several Sheridan members have been instrumental in this process and the technology will serve us well for at least the next decade. The screens will ultimately be slightly larger, significantly brighter and our format will improve to High Definition. The Council voted to spend no more than $175,000 for the cost of the screens and the new cameras, computers and all that is necessary to enhance our Worship Center.

early October 2015 Update:

The wiring phase of this project has begun! This is an exciting time for our worshiping community and we look forward to seeing the progress over the next few weeks.

mid October 2015 Update:

The construction phase of this project has begun! During the construction phase of this project, we will be without screens in worship October 19-30. It is anticipated for the project to be completed by November 1, 2015.

November 2015 Update:

The screens are up and working well. Not only were the Worship Center screens replaced, but worship screens were added to the Quiet Room for families with young children to continue to worship while in there. Also, free standing monitors for the Great Hall were purchased. These monitors help parents of young children worship while walking with their on-the-move child. Upgrades were also made in the Family Life Center to enhance worship during peak holiday worship times. An additional monitor is also available for the worship leaders in the area behind the Worship Center, called the Dove’s Head. Thank you for your support of this project, this project is complete.

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