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Mission: Chapel for Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary

Building under construction
Agape Junior Seminary – Worship Center Construction progress.

In October of 2018, we welcomed Pastor Godrick Lyimo, the Headmaster of Agape Junior Seminary Secondary School. Agape is the strongest academic school in the nation of Tanzania. Pastor Godrick, at the end of his visit, spoke to some Sheridan members of his vision to build a chapel for the community. The plans are set and the vision is cast. All they lack are the funds.

Our Readiness Fund will bring this chapel to life through our gift of $50,000

Mission: Dining Hall for Karansi Parish in Tanzania

Nuru School cafeteria under construction
Nuru School Cafeteria construction progress.

Our sister congregation, Karansi Parish in Tanzania, has made amazing progress. This is where Nuru School is located, a 350 student English Primary school that Sheridan has helped to build. The struggle now is that their students have no place to eat. Meals are prepared in a one-room “cook house” that is 10 ft by 15 ft. It has no running water or electricity, only a fireplace for cooking. Students get their meal and sit on the ground (usually tree roots) to eat. Karansi has proposed to build a new Dining Hall and our Readiness Fund will make this a reality.

The $50,000 we will contribute will finish the building and provide the furnishings.

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