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Projects from 2020:

Capital Improvement: Worship Center

Opened on Christmas Eve 2003, our Worship Center was no longer new. With more than 3,900 worship services, hundreds of weddings and funerals and thousands of rehearsals, the 15 years of use had taken its toll. Well used is well-loved and our Worship Center was well-loved. A few areas of concern included:

  • The chancel in front of the altar had “soft spots.” The floor sagged and moved in places.
  • About 12 years ago a “temporary” extended platform was built. This needed to be redesigned and replaced with a permanent structure.
  • The music side was designed for a choir more than a band, so it lacked necessary outlets and proper space for a Praise Band.
  • Under the pews on the north side of the floor, there was a large crack in the cement where it had settled and separated.

Photos of the reconstruction process https://flic.kr/s/aHsmP2rY9T

Mission: Lutheran Student Center

In 2015, The Lutheran Center at UNL embarked on their “Cross at the Heart” Campaign. Centered on the vitally important need to replace their aging and failing facility, their goal was to raise $6 million dollars over three years, in which we donated $150,000. This campaign yielded both a beautiful new home to reach students on campus and a stream of income to secure the future of this ministry.

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