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Mission: Lutheran Center

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In 2015, The Lutheran Center at UNL embarked on their “Cross at the Heart” Campaign. Centered on the vitally important need to replace their aging and failing facility, their goal is to raise $6 million over three years. When successfully completed, this campaign will yield both a beautiful new home to reach students on campus and a stream of income to secure the future of this ministry.
We hope to contribute $150,000 over three years to this mission endeavor.
Update: Sheridan has made it’s first installment of $50,000.


Capital Improvement: Shades for Worship Center windows


Sunshine is such a beautiful thing! Depending on the time you worship though, it may also be a bit blinding in your worship experience! The vibrant sun has always been a challenge for us in our facility. To alleviate this, we are proposing two upgrades to our Worship Center. The first is retractable shades that
will manage the sunlight, as needed. These translucent shades will be lowered to filter light. For the second upgrade, Palace Glass has created a masterplan for stained glass windows throughout our Worship Center. Individuals or families may provide funds to purchase a window. The Readiness Fund will also serve as a catalyst for completion of this project.
The goal to complete the shading and stained glass is $200,000.
Update: Electronic shades have been installed in both the Worship Center and the Family Life Center. The stained glass windows project for the Worship Center is also underway, in partnership with the Hausmann family.

Repair: New Sheridan Bus


Purchased in 2001, our bus has served us well for 15 years. Originally given as a gift by members Lee & Betty Schroeder, the bus is the only way dozens of members are able to come to worship. In its early days, it was an evangelism tool as well. Elders at care facilities would ask to come to Sheridan for
worship. Besides the cosmetic needs, our aging bus has some functional issues and lacks the basic comforts befitting our elder members. This is an
exciting project that will add to our evangelism, not only to our elder members, but also to the Lincoln community.
The goal to replace our bus is $75,000.
Repair Update: A 12+2 passenger bus was purchased in May 2016. Your “above & beyond” gifts to the Readiness Fund made this purchase possible.

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