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The Sheridan Lutheran Church Foundation is a division of Sheridan Lutheran Church and enables individuals to maximize the benefits of their gifts to the Church.

On November 14, 1979, the Foundation was established and began this “focus-on-the-future” effort and receives, manages, invests and distributes gifts according to each donor's wishes. An eight-member Board of Trustees oversees the Sheridan Lutheran Church Foundation. The Sheridan Foundation accepts gifts of any size to be used to expand the mission of Sheridan. You may do this anytime or as part of your estate plan. If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation and how you can participate in this aspect of our ministry, contact our representative.

Thanks to generous donors who have either provided outright lifetime gifts, or left a legacy through their wills, the Sheridan Lutheran Church Foundation has now paid out more than $930,107 in gifts to benefit Sheridan Lutheran programs. Sheridan Lutheran church members, plus our outreach to community, have been enriched by these dollars which have been spent on keynote speakers and musicians, humanitarian causes like Habitat for Humanity, seminarians’ tuition, improvements to the Columbarium, and also assistance with general church operations. How very important it is to keep our Lutheran Christian-mission wheel rolling forward! What marks the importance of the donor’s legacy? Not the size of the gift, but rather, the size and intent of the giver’s heart.

By giving to the Sheridan Lutheran Church Foundation, you will ensure your support of ministries now and for decades to come. With a gift to the Foundation, you will leave a lasting legacy to the glory of God, ensure that a continuing stream of income is available for the ministries you have so faithfully supported, now and after your lifetime, give more back to the Church than the original value of your initial gift and make sure future generations have the opportunity to experience the Church’s wonderful ministries.

Benefits of Giving to the Foundation

Stewardship That Lasts–Gifts to the Foundation are placed in endowment funds, which are giving vehicles designed to last forever. The principal amount of each endowment fund is invested and a portion of the investment income is used to make grants to the Church each year. The remaining income is then reinvested in the fund. This allows the funds to grow and provide the Church with a continual stream of ever-increasing grants.

Flexible Giving Options–The Foundation accepts a wide variety of assets including cash, real estate, appreciated stocks and other assets. You can also give to the Foundation by including a provision in your will or living trust or by naming the Foundation as the beneficiary in a life insurance or retirement plan. There are several other alternatives to give to the Foundation. For more ideas, contact the Church office, a Foundation Board member or your professional adviser. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

Selecting a Purpose–You may designate how your gift to the Foundation should be used. You can support one or more of the many areas of interest of the Church, such as education, mission and social outreach, music and worship, facilities, youth, special ministries or you can determine your own purpose for the gift. Gifts of $10,000 or more may be used to establish a separate permanent fund in your name or the name of a loved one with grants going to the ministries of your choice.

Church Betterment–If you don’t direct your gift to a specific purpose or area of interest, it will be added to the Foundation’s general endowment fund. This fund will have the maximum flexibility to support projects of Sheridan Lutheran Church for years to come.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is an honorary group and provides a means by which the Foundation can recognize donors of major gifts. It is comprised of individuals who have given gifts to the Foundation or have planned future gifts to the Foundation through their estate plan. You can join this honored group by giving $10,000 or more to the Sheridan Lutheran Church Foundation.

Gifts can be given through gifts of cash, real estate, stock or other assets, irrevocable deferred gifts, such as charitable trust or gift annuity or a new or old permanent life insurance policy.
You can also become a part of the Legacy Society through a $25,000 deferred revocable gift through a will or beneficiary designation on a life insurance or retirement plan.

The Legacy Society is merely an honorary designation. Those who have chosen to be recognized have done so for the purpose of encouraging others to create a legacy of stewardship. Legacy Society members are recognized at an annual event and in the Scroll (except for members who have chosen to remain anonymous). 

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