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Sheridan Lutheran Church is an active church with many opportunities for all age groups, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Membership is not a requirement for involvement but we believe membership will enhance your experiences at Sheridan and we invite you to join this family of faith.

Although we are a large congregation, we often feel like several medium-sized congregations, since members tend to find one or two worship services they generally attend. Sheridan offers opportunities for individuals and families to grow in faith and service to others and a commitment to honor God’s work in the world around us. Membership is open to all who are baptized or who are open to receive baptism.

What Is Expected of Members?

As members of Sheridan, we live together as the body of Christ, using our individual resources as we are able to support God’s mission in Lincoln and beyond. We ask members to worship regularly, support each other in prayer, support the ministry financially as they are able and share their unique gifts and talents with the congregation and/or community.

New Member Connect

Upcoming Classes:
Fall: Sun., Sept. 15; noon-1:30pm; Family Life Center
Winter: Sun., Jan. 12; noon-1:30pm; Family Life Center
Spring: Sun., March 30; noon-1:30pm; Family Life Center

Interested in becoming a member? Join us for a casual gathering and lunch to learn more about the mission of Sheridan Lutheran. Learn from church staff what it means to be a member, including available faith formation, service and ministry opportunities to connect you to others wishing to call Sheridan their church home. Lunch is provided! Child care is available. Complete the membership information and reserve your spot below.

Participants will be welcomed with a blessing in worship on the Sunday following the New Member Connect Class. One-on-one conversations with Deacon Kathy Paisley will follow the receiving of your membership information.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

Deacon Kathy Paisley leads these classes. In addition, all of our pastors are willing to visit with you to answer any questions you may have. You can reach any of these individuals at the church office: 402-423-4769.

We look forward to meeting you!

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