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Pastor Greg Bouvier Courage | John 19:25b-30 Faith Talk Questions: What nickname did you call your mother? Have you ever been called on to courageously stand by a family member? How was that for you? Who in your family can you count on to strengthen your courage? “Let your...
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Pastor Michelle Oetken Courage | John 18:1-14 & Matthew 27:27-31 Faith Talk Questions: Have you ever faced pain in your life? Who walked with you? Who is your favorite athlete or team? How much do you know about the discipline this athlete experiences? What is a discipline...
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Pastor Greg Bouvier Courage | John 11:45-50 & Matthew 26:57-67 Faith Talk Questions: Do you have a preferred prayer? How often do you pray giving thanks? Has anyone ever "had it out for you?" Did it resolve? How so? Do you believe courage requires effort? How hard...
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Pastor Greg Bouvier Courage | Luke 22:14-23 Faith Talk Questions: Are you afraid of the dark? Are you becoming more or less afraid of the dark as time passes? What do you think the mood was like at the Last Supper? Have you reflected on Jesus’ courage at the meal? Do you...
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Pastor Greg Bouvier Courage | Matthew 26:36-46 Faith Talk Questions: Who is the most courageous person you know? Have you ever faced a life or death situation that required courage? From where does your courage come? Do you believe that courage is necessary “in all times...
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