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Pastor Michelle Oetken Finding Great Joy | Matthew 1:18-25 Do you have a favorite nativity scene? What are your favorite things to do that you have always done? When was a time you felt pressured to make a decision? What happened? 12/18/2022 at Sheridan Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE
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Sharing Space

Pastor Greg Bouvier Finding Great Joy Does music become more important to you during the Christmas season? What is your favorite type of Christmas music? Old standards? New adaptations? Are you a jazz music fan? Why or why not? What is it, do you think, that makes jazz different...
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Bishop Scott Alan Johnson Finding Great Joy | Luke 1:46b-55 Do you remember a favorite pastor from your childhood? What made them so important to you? What makes Mary, the mother of our Lord, so special in society? What makes her special to you? How much do you think about...
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John the Baptist

Pastor Greg Bouvier Finding Great Joy | Luke 2:8-11 & Mark 1:1-8 Are the preparations for Christmas overwhelming to you? What preparations feel good? Which cause the most stress? Do you think about the difference between happiness and joy? Do you think about the difference...
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