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Be Kind, Not Angry

Pastor: Rhonda Bostrom Human Kind | Scripture: Ephesians 4:25-5:2 Faith Talk Questions: What makes you angry? Really angry? Why is this? When your anger is unchecked, what do you usually do? What actions do you take? Are you at your best in these moments? How does faith in Jesus...
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Love Is Kind

Pastor: Eric Bostrom Human Kind | Scripture: 1 Corinthians Faith Talk Questions: What was the most memorable part of your High School graduation day? What makes you feel more successful, finances or relationships? When you hear Christ's call to love your neighbor, do you...
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Love Your Enemies

Pastor: Greg Bouvier Human Kind | Scripture: Luke 6:27-36 Faith Talk Questions: Would you characterize yourself as someone who has enemies? How hard is it for you to resolve broken relationships? Does being at odds with certain individuals feel “useful” to you? Is...
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Be Good

Pastor: Michelle Oetken Mother's Day | Scripture: 2 Chronicles 10:6-7 Faith Talk Questions: Have you ever experienced kindness from someone you do not know? When have you shared kindness with someone else? What is your favorite act of kindness that you have witnessed someone...
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