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Relationships Matter

Pastor Sarah Ruch What We've Learned | Selections from John 11 What can you do to deepen your relationship with God? Could you spend more time reading Scripture, praying or taking part in faith formation activities? 09/04/2022 at Sheridan Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE
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We Get Lost

Pastor Greg Bouvier What We've Learned | Mark 12:38-44 Faith Talk Questions: What role do you think God wants you to play? What is your ultimate identity? 08/28/2022 at Sheridan Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE
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Awe-full Things

Pastor Michelle Oetken John 9:1-7 & 35-38 Faith Talk Questions: What’s your favorite social media platform? What have you shared about your faith on this platform? If someone said to you, “Show me you are a Christian without using words,” what would you do?...
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Imperfect & Impactful

Pastor Greg Bouvier Matthew 14:13-21 Faith Talk Questions: What is your favorite part of the “back-to-school” time of year? Did you have periods of time in your childhood when your family was food insecure? Who was the most compassionate person you knew well? Who was...
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