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An important part of our faith journey is helping to bridge the experience of worship and message to the weekday. Devotions are a way to help with applying the weekly message to our daily lives. We have a fabulous group of writers that work hard to help you make those connections each week.

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Devotions are typically delivered via email on Thursday morning. Sign up below and spend some time reconnecting to the Word.

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Devotion: Shalom

Shalom Please take a moment to read Psalm 85 Shalom!Psalm 85 has so many layers to unpack, and so much wisdom! We are reminded of the many blessings we have received and how our sins are forgiven. And yet, we continue to sin. But wait, there is hope… Shalom can be achieved if...
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Devotion: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Please review the scripture from the weekend: Luke 2:26-38, 46-48 Parenthood is a whirlwind. Through recent personal experience, I can say that no matter how much you read, buy and plan, you’re never fully ready for how much having a baby changes every part of...
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