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Devotion: Intentional Neighbors

Intentional Neighbors Please review the scripture from the weekend: Romans 13:8-10 We owe it to our neighbors to love them. These verses don’t just say that we should love, or that it’s good of us when we love. They say that our love is owed–a debt we are obligated to pay. When...
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Devotion: Ambassadors

Ambassadors Take a moment to read through 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. Out of the many impactful and relevant stories from the most recent sermon, what struck me most was the way our “always connected” selves feel often disconnected from others when we need connection the most....
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Devotion: Righteous Anger

Righteous Anger Please take the time to read Mark 3:1-6 I’ve always struggled with Bible quoters in arguments, especially when it involves isolating and condemning people or groups of people. In more recent years, if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll say something like, “yeah, but isn’t...
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Devotion: Concerning Anger

Concerning Anger Please take a moment to read Matthew 5:21-26 ‘You shall not murder.’ Those words have been ingrained in us in the Fifth Commandment. Nationally, the murder rate has risen by 30% in the past year. More people seem angry, and we even have a game called “Angry...
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Devotion: How We Change

Please take the time to read Luke 10:21-37 “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,A beautiful day for a neighborWould you be mine?Could you be mine?’Won’t you be my neighbor?” Words sung by Fred Rogers to children and adults alike on the television show, “Mr. Roger’s...
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Devotion: Are We Different?

Are We Different? Please read the scripture from the weekend: Proverbs 29:8,11 As Christians, are we any different than our fellow Americans in this Age of Outrage? Do we only respect political viewpoints that are like ours and reject those that aren’t? Do we only watch or listen...
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Devotion: Outrage & Purpose

Outrage & Purpose Please take a moment to read Ephesians 4:25-5:2 In my social media post prior to worship last Sunday morning, I said I am more excited about this new worship series, Christians in the Age of Outrage, than I’ve been in a long time. I hesitated to say...
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