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Devotion: Moses and Character

Moses and Character Please read the scripture from the weekend: Exodus 2:1-10 & Deuteronomy 34:1-12. As we wrap up our worship series and study in the book of Exodus, it was fitting to listen to the last message on a reflection of Moses, his leadership, and his unshakable...
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Devotion: The Golden Calf

The Golden Calf “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain right now?” Many of you have been asked that question. How would you rate on the patience scale? When Moses was not coming down from the mountain the Israelites wondered if he had died. They grew increasingly...
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Devotion: Promises

Promises I loved how Pastor Greg’s sermon began Sunday with perceptions. Perceptions of what we picture Jesus looked like based on our culture. How the culture we grew up in was our perception of what Jesus looked like, a white Jesus, when in reality He was probably not. Then...
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Devotion: Waiting & Forgiveness

Waiting and Freedom – Reflections on our study in Exodus I’ll be the first to admit that our sermon study through the book of Exodus has stirred a lot of thought in my with-God life to the point that it consumes most of my free-time thoughts. And, with the stress of the COVID...
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