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a puzzle of the Last Supper

A Puzzled Look

  My wife’s family loves to do puzzles.  Over the years her father would put out a large (2000-5000 piece) puzzle every couple of years and the family would stand around and work on it over conversation.  It was regularly at the center of activity during family gatherings....
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Not Just a Performance

Written by Preston Thiemann, Holy Week Drama Participant I have never been particularly interested in drama. I love seeing live theater, but I never felt any desire to participate. I certainly didn’t see myself as an actor. So, last year when Diane asked me if I would play a...
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To my Sheridan family,

Despite the fact that I’ve been “away” from my Sheridan Family for the past four years, my experience within this community traveled with me in my time at St. Olaf College. It was at Sheridan that I began to see visual art as a strong component of my faith and as an important...
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