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Mission Trip Recap: Florida Keys Hurricane Repair

Hurricane Irma seems a distant event for us living in Nebraska, but for those living in Marathon, Florida, the effects of this devastating storm continue to plague residents. Combine the hurricane’s destruction and the cost of living in the highly sought after beach front views,...
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message written on Habitat for Humanity home in Hawaii:

Habitat/Hawaii: Building a sense of Ohana

Ohana=Family Another word we’ve learned (and lived) in the past few days is ‘ohana’. In Hawaiian culture, there is a strong sense of ohana (family) which goes far beyond traditional blood relatives. In fact, in Hawaii elders of the community are often called “auntie” or “uncle”...
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Habitat for Humanity: Parity not Charity

Today marked the big day – we finally started the build! Our day began in the hotel conference room with the Sheridan crew proudly sporting our red, white and blue Thrivent shirts. We were greeted by the Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii Executive Director, Patrick Hurney,...
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Hawaii: A Pew with a View

Arriving on ‘The Big Island’ This Saturday marked the beginning of a new adventure for 10 of us from Sheridan – some experienced mission trip goers and the other half of us complete newbies. At about 3:30am our group huddled up in the wee, cold hours of the morning and...
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Happy & Tired Conversations

This week has been unlike any other Habitat Global Village week we have experienced thus far. We worked hand in hand, side by side, building walls and trusses throughout the week. Someone counted, and there were more than 390 trusses built, 1,169 boards screwed in for the fence,...
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As Simple as Multumesc

One Word One word, well two words in English, is a way our team is bridging the language gap in a country where few-if any of our group-speak the language. Thank you-Multumesc in Romanian-is the first word and only word I know in Romanian, thanks to our waitress, Florida. But the...
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Habitat Global Village/El Salvador Update #2

Working Hard We have been hard at work on our house and it’s growing every day. Becca Burson has been helping the mason set the block by filling the side seams with cement. Cathryn Breutzmann has been using special tool to smooth the mortar between the block. Ian Plummer...
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Habitat Global Village/El Salvador Update

July 2016 Team Our journey began Saturday after our departure from the church at 2:30 am. A special thanks to Bob Kittelson for driving us to Omaha. We arrived in San Salvador on Saturday around noon and after lunch at Pollo Campero, we drove up to Ahuachapán and checked into our...
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El Salvador-Fatima

Once you’ve been to El Salvador, you’re never the same. Each of my past experiences have all included a special aha moment. This time I realized what an international world we live in. When we met Fatima, our homeowner, she was wearing a “Kiss Me I’m...
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El Salvador 2015-Home “ownership.”

Jerry Fricke and I have made a pretty good team. Our work has been consistent all week. We have been digging a two-stage septic system. In essence, we’re digging a couple of pretty deep holes. One is about four feet wide and will go, upon completion, to about 18 feet! The...
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El Salvador 2015-Wednesday

Putting a face with the house While we are in El Salvador to work; we get to know the families we are working for. Many of the families try to come by the house as much as possible. To get to see their genuine joy and gratitude, helps to keep the morale high when the sun beats...
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Work Day 2: El Salvador 2015

As this trip being my first mission trip ever, I had no clue what to expect. I am participating with both of my parents and my older sister. The first day working at my house site was very quiet, no one really talked and we only worked. Today was a completely different story,...
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