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God Sighting: Angel Tree 2021

by Pastor Rhonda Bostrom, Pastor of Missions & Outreach We saw God at work in so many ways this Angel Tree 2021 season. Angel Tree Christmas gift, preparation always starts in August. We start this early because it takes time and planning to coordinate children needing...
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Barnabas Community: A Pandemic Success Story

Barnabas Community: A Pandemic Success Story Barnabas Community, an outreach ministry birthed from Sheridan in 2008, learned to adapt during the pandemic. Like everyone else, when infection rates started rising and our community made adjustments for public safety, Barnabas made...
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Working Together, With the Spirit

The following is an excerpt from a longer story that details how Barnabas Community, Sheridan Lutheran Church, and the Sheridan Foundation came to provide three beds to a family who needed them. This story is an example of how great things happen when we work together with the...
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A Letter of Thanks for Barnabas Meal Ministry

COVID-19 paused our regular ministry hours at Barnabas. However, our creative team of volunteers developed a plan for take-out meals and shopping by appointment. Every Thursday and Saturday, meals are served in take out containers. For many in our Barnabas Community, this is...
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Sheridan VBS Partners with Barnabas Community through Offering

This year, Sheridan’s VBS offering will benefit Barnabas Community. Barnabas Community began 10 years ago as a free store. Barnabas was started in cooperation with Sheridan Lutheran Church, People’s City Mission and Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church. Since then it has grown into a...
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Sharing Abundantly: Magnificent Gifts Report

Because of your generosity, we provided $81,407.42 to our ministry partners. We give God thanks for you and your above and beyond giving to Magnificent Gifts in 2017. Barnabas Community celebrates 10 years of outreach ministry this year. This ministry includes the ongoing...
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Local Partner: Barnabas Community

Barnabas Community News This past year has proven to be a busy year for Barnabas Community. Our leadership structure has grown and our non-profit status is almost complete. • Barnabas continues to provide free clothing, household goods, toys, and books. Hundreds of families are...
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free store with clothing on hangers

Barnabas Community – 2016 Missions Annual Report

A Place of Plenty in Lincoln 2,200. That is how many families were served and impacted by the ministries of Barnabas Community in 2016. You may have heard Barnabas Community mentioned around Sheridan before and have wondered what exactly this ministry is all about. While it...
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Pile of glove donations at Barnabas

Growth at Barnabas Community

In 2016, more than 2,000 households registered with Barnabas. Because families register through a head of household it’s difficult for us to track how many utilize the store every month. However, it’s safe to estimate that hundreds, if not thousands of people benefit from...
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Joy in a Shoebox

Last Saturday was a busy day for the Barnabas Community, and not just in the number of folks that came through our door. While there were many people, there was also a special energy, a liveliness in the community that day as hundreds of families with children waited with...
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Volunteers Make Barnabas Thrive!

Champion, Cheryl Stubbendieck, is retiring as volunteer Executive Director of Barnabas Community Since Barnabas Community first began in 2008, Cheryl Stubbendieck has been a consistent volunteer who has given countless hours in service to this ministry. Cheryl, working with...
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Barnabas Community Welcomes Kelli Green

Welcome, Kelli! Sheridan member and UNL student Kelli Green began her work as Barnabas Community staff in January. She leads our Saturday morning meal ministry and builds relationships with our guests who come from a variety of backgrounds. After her first Saturday, Kelli sai...
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